Medieval Conquest

Medieval Conquest 1.0

Build a kingdom. Forge your destiny
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Medieval Conquest is, in a few words, a fun adventure of three-dimensional real-time strategy game, with a lot of humor.
Far away from all the realism that you have seen in another games, in this game you will be able to see graphics that seem taken from a cartoon series, and presents a strategic adventure comedy plot.

The story is similar to that of many other games: a medieval lord with hero aspirations who has to save his kingdom from a dangerous invasion of monsters. You will have to use your three classes of fighters (explorers, warriors and wizards), a large weapons arsenal and a wide range of spells that will increase as you win battles to the enemy, as well as your own experience.

While you fight for your kingdom, you must look after the welfare of your army, according to their needs. With the gold you acquire by getting rid of your enemies, you will provide your soldiers food, accommodation and entertainment in order to maintain their performance and health of spirit at 100% compared to the enemy. This is where truly will be tested your sense of strategy.

In conclusion, this is a different kind of strategy game which has no realistic graphics but is fully humorous, you will certainly have a lot of fun.

María Noel Balla
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